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DynamicTrack open source GPS/INS/tracking library

DynamicTrack open source GPS/INS/tracking libraryClient:
Confidential Aerospace Startup

Description :
DynamicTrack is an Open Source library for interfacing to devices that provide dyanmic position, orientation and/or other data for one or more entities like GPSes, INSes (Inertial navigation Systems), gyros, compasses, or datastreams derived from real-time tracking like ADS-B, AIS, Blue Force, APRS or other dynamic data sources.

Currently device support is built in for the VectorNav VN-200 on Linux or Windows. Support for additional devices and for querying devices and device datatypes is planned and contributions are welcomed.

DynamicTrack exposes a very simple, extensible string-based interface for connecting to available devices and available data channels provided by those devices:

cDynamicTrack dynamicTrack("COM9", 230400);
cDTPODParameter latitudeParam("Pos.Latitude", dynamicTrack);
cDTPODParameter yawParam("Orient.Yaw", dynamicTrack);
cDTPODParameter pitchParam("Orient.Pitch", dynamicTrack);
cDTPODParameter rollParam("Orient.Roll", dynamicTrack);
cDTPODParameter gpsFixParam("Orient.GPS.Fix", dynamicTrack);

DynamicTrack was commissioned by a confidential aircraft navigation startup and is published under the MIT License.

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