Software Source And SDK Licensing For Developers

If you are developing a project that requires OpenScenegraph/OpenGL/3D graphics, GIS, GPS, LIDAR or other systems we can help you. All of our technology is available both in friendly ready-to-use end-user applications, as well as in source or binary SDKs or DLLs, ready for embedding into your own distributable or in-house tools.

Additionally, AlphaPixel technology can be custom extended for your use by our experienced engineers. Our team can help you program, test and deploy your project. We will work with you to provide the ideal solutions for your specific needs thereby ensuring the highest quality and consistency.

Our licensing costs and terms are very reasonable, and can be specially optimized for the capabilities and rights your application requires to run properly and efficiently. Learn more about how we can help you on your project by contacting us for more details here.

To discuss your project, your requirements or rates and availability, please contact us today

We provide Training, Consulting, Software Development and Contracting for:

• 3D animations
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
• Telemetry
• Cryptography
• Digital Audio
• Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
• Mobile Systems - iPhone/iPad/iOS/Android
• Legal/IP Code Forensics