About AlphaPixel

AlphaPixel is small, responsive graphics technology developer creating off the shelf software and consulting on advanced and challenging client projects.

Founded in 2004 by veterans of the 3D graphics industry, AlphaPixel has a dynamic team of developers around the world available to solve small and large problems at any moment.

AlphaPixel offers software tools, pre-compiled binaries, support contracts and consulting.

Meet the Alphapixel staff:

Chris Hanson
Screen Name: ‘Xenon’
Linkedin: Chris ‘Xenon’ Hanson

Chris ‘Xenon’ Hanson has 33 years of experience with computers, starting with a 1979 Interact (2MHz Intel 8080A 8K!). Co-founder of 3D Nature, and a veteran of the computer software business, Chris imagines and develops next-generation technology and tools for AlphaPixel. Chris has worked on the OpenGL SuperBible, OpenGL Distilled, OpenCL in Action and OpenSceneGraph 3 Cookbook. Chris’ goal in life is to ski all seven continents and build giant intergalactic fighting robots. He builds hoversleds, robo-multicopters and potato cannons in his spare time.

Mindy Hanson
Linkedin: Mindy Hanson

Mindy Hanson has an MBA in International Business and Marketing. She has spent the past 8 years helping AlphaPixel become what it is today, and making sure every t is crossed and i is dotted.


Bill Coldwell
Screen Name: ‘cryo’

An experienced hard-core developer, Cryo specializes in Unix OSes, MacOSX and iOS platforms, Objective C, and network and systems administration.

Mark Mueller
Screen Name:

Mark Mueller has a strong broad technical background including a Masters in Physics, development of tooling, robotics, hardware, software and procedures for the manufacturing of Space Shuttle components, and designing and developing the world’s most sophisticated highly parallel, real-time computer graphics systems for advanced military simulation training. Mark specializes in Windows and Linux, driver development for Direct3D, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Mesa, and OpenVG. Mark is an alumni of Evans and Sutherland, Red Hat, VA Linux and Tungsten Graphics.

Gary Huber
Screen Name:
‘Gary Huber’

Gary has been doing graphics for 20 years and has written 3D systems from scratch on multiple platforms. His knowledge and experience of the physical world and 3D technology are unparalleled. He is also an award-winning landscape painter.

Thomas Hogarth
Screen Name:

Specialties: 3D and Augmented Reality applications on mobile devices, iOS and Android, OpenSceneGraph, OpenGL/ES

Robot Horde
Screen Name:
‘Robot Horde’

Automated build farm, scripting, Qt, networks, cryptography and security, sending Terminator robots to the past to try to change history.

Jeremy Moles
Screen Name:
‘Jeremy Moles’

OpenSceneGraph, Linux, user interface and text elements, osgWidget, osgPango, osgCairo, GLyphy (OpenGL ES2).

David Kopp
Systems Designer
Screen Name:
‘David Kopp’

David Kopp is a long-time associate of AlphaPixel and keeps up on the latest trends in cutting edge and high-performance hardware. He custom builds innovative systems to meet specialized needs, from BitCoin mining rigs to video walls.

Henry Boston
GIS Web Developer
Screen Name:
‘Henry Boston’

Henry Boston is currently a student at the University of North Texas studying GIS. He is passionate about web based technologies and spatial sciences.

Chris Warner
Screen Name:

Chris Warner started developing software at 12 years old, and has rarely left the keyboard since. He currently spends most of his time in GIS data using C++ and C# by day, and in Objective-C for iOS by night. His other interests include playing music, aviation, and home brewing.

Russell Deffner
Mapping/GIS Developer
Screen Name:

Russell Deffner has been involved in mapping/GIS beginning with a minor study in Spatial Information Management Systems to accompany his Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Colorado State University. He has worked with a variety of proprietary software but has over the years become heavily involved in OpenStreetMap and other Open Source mapping projects.

We provide Training, Consulting, Software Development and Contracting for:

• 3D animations
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
• Telemetry
• Cryptography
• Digital Audio
• Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
• Mobile Systems - iPhone/iPad/iOS/Android
• Legal/IP Code Forensics